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sophron | σώφρων ον | sóphrón

Sophron Studies is a reformed, inductive, in-depth approach to the study of God's word. Sophron, pronounced "so-fron," is the Greek word for a sound mind, self controlled, and temperate. It is curbing one's desires and impulses. As believers, we need to be women who study and delight in Him and His word, women who train to have a mind centered on God and renewed by truth (Romans 12:1-2).


Melissa is married to John, and they have 4 sons. Melissa loves coffee, exercise, and cheese puffs.


Lisa is married to Fritz, they have 3 adult children and a son-in-law. Lisa loves cooking, decorating, and hospitality.


It is our prayer and heart that your roots will grow deep into God’s love and His word.  For roots to grow deep, there must be cultivation by hard work, tilling, pruning, watchfulness, and diligent sowing.  To reap deep roots involves time, effort, and dependence on Almighty God! We desire for this study to be an aid for that and a tool to come alongside the Word!

Charles Spurgeon

"My faith rests not in what I am or shall be, or feel, or know but in what Christ is, in what He has done and in what He is now doing for me."

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